Dental Implants in Louisville, KY

When you have a missing tooth, or even a few of them, it’s only natural to consider replacing your teeth. At one time, the best options included dentures and bridges. However, advancements in dentistry now make dental implants in Louisville, KY a long-lasting or permanent option. Whether the missing tooth is from a sports injury or decay, implants offer some major benefits.

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Unlike dentures, which are usually removed at night and cleaned, dental implants only require periodic hygiene visits to your dentist. Bridges work by altering two teeth on either side of the missing one to create a false tooth or crown.  Neither dentures nor bridges are ideal for chewing and neither one usually is a permanent solution. Click Restorative Dentistry in Louisville, KY to learn more about bridges, dentures and other advanced dentistry.

Implants on the other hand are made from titanium, a substance that is ideally suited for fusing together with the bone in one’s mouth.

Some additional benefits of dental implants are that they have a natural look and function like real teeth; reduce the risk of periodontal disease and bone loss; and decreases the possibility of tooth loss and tooth movement.

It surprises many patients to learn that there is a near 100% success rate and that there is minimal discomfort associated with the procedure.  On average, you can expect the dental implant process to be administered over 3 or 4 visits.  The replacement acts as a new root for the tooth and after a few months the dental implant fuses with the bone.

The patient now has a strong anchor for a crown to be attached.  Every patient is different, but an implant can last from 3 decades to a lifetime. There are several ways that implants could be a solution for your dental problem. For safe and proven dental implants in Louisville KY, call us today.

Dr. Paul C. Brooks III, DMD
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