Boy with pediatric dentist Louisville KY trustsWhen you take your child to a doctor or dentist, you are putting a great deal of trust and responsiblity in the hands of that health care professional. For that reason, it only makes sense to find a pediatric dentist Louisville KY has trusted for many years.

When it comes to dental care, the only thing more important than a pleasant experience for grownups is finding a pediatric dentist in Louisville KY that you and your child feel great about. You are trusting someone with your child’s health and even his or her life.

Below is a short checklist of 5 items that you should look for in a pediatric dental practice before you go for a visit.

What to Look For

– Positive Online Reviews
– No History of Negligent Behavior
– Accredited
– Great with Kids
– Large Customer Base


1. Positive Online Reviews

The internet is a great place to read reviews of real life dentists. There are tons of doctor and dentist review sites out there now where you can go to read reviews from people who have worked with a particular pediatric dentist in Louisville KY that you are considering. While every great professional runs into unfair bad reviews, the majority of user reviews should be positive. Look for specific comments not just about the dentist but the dental assistants that handle cleaning and other procedures like cavities.

2. No History of Negligent Behavior

This is probably the most important factor when considering any healthcare professional. Negligent behavior is something that can not be tolerated, especially when it comes to your child. A simple web search should tell you all you need to know. If that dentist has not been involved in any law suits or faulty behavior, then they are probably a great hire. A good website to get detailed online information about dentists is

3. They Must be Accredited

This is probably the last thing you would think that you would need to check up on when sifting through local dental offices, but you will feel much better knowing that your dentist is legitimately accredited for pediatric care. The worst part about this is that almost none of their customers ever find out. If for any reason a Louisville pediatric dentist is not accredited, you should of course not hire them because their school and training has been deemed unacceptable. Consequently, you should assume their knowledge may be flawed, which could lead to severe medical problems for your child.

4. Great With Kids

The degree to which your child likes their dentist is extremely important. Your child’s trust is crucial to hassle-free and productive visits. It is best to choose a dentist with a warm personality that will give your kid a sense of comfort. Also, look for a dentist that puts out energy and effort to comfort your child. You would surprised how much of a difference this makes. After all, you do not want your kid fighting you every time you try to take them to get their teeth worked on.

5. Large Customer Base

A large customer base is the first sign of a quality professional that does the job right the first time. When a customer finds someone who gets the job done right they typically never look around for another person to do that same job. People get into habits and if a dentist can not retain customers then there is something obviously wrong.

Follow these 5 tips when you set out to find a pediatric dentist Louisville KY unanimously trusts and enjoys. If you do, you should have no problem finding a professional dental office that you would feel comfortable recommending to your family and friends.



Dr. Paul C. Brooks III, DMD
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