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Our smile is consistently rated the #1 feature that people notice. When we meet new people for business or social purposes, we all want a confident smile that communicates how we feel on the inside.

Brooks dentistry in Louisville, KY has been helping clients realize their ideal smile. Whether that means cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening, all-porcelain (metal-free) Empress veneers, completely natural looking crowns, or any of our other services, you really can have that world class smile you’ve been dreaming about.

In certain cases, our “Instant Orthodontics” can realign and straightening crooked teeth in just a few quick office visits, leaving you with a beautiful smile makeover that will make it hard to stop smiling.

Our Louisville dental office located in St. Matthews is proud to offer state-of-the-art equipment that helps you make the right cosmetic decision for you and your family. Our computer-assisted imaging technology allows you to see what your dream smile will look like, as well as make changes that you want.

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Dr. Paul C. Brooks III, DMD
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