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What to Expect When You Visit Brooks Dentistry in Louisville KY

Medford, Oregon Family Dentistry, Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry in Rogue Valley

On occasion our guests have commented that our office looks more like a plush hotel lobby than a dental waiting area. And that description pleases us. We have carefully designed our office that way. Our goal is total VIP service for you while you are in our care at Brooks Dentistry in Louisville, KY.

Upon entering our facility and meeting our business staff, relax in our waiting area with a fresh cup of coffee or hot chocolate. If you prefer we can get you one of a variety of sodas.

We completely believe that healthcare is vital and necessary to well-being, but it needn’t be uncomfortable. Relax in the treatment room with your own personal stereo headphones if you like. Sit back and watch a video or listen to a CD.You can bring your own or enjoy ours. They can all be played in our treatment rooms.

We truly want to get to know you at your first visit with us. We take extra time to talk to you and get a feel for your needs, concerns, or desires. We will give you the “grand tour” of your mouth, complete with digital photos of your smile and teeth. We have dental lasers for diagnosing dental decay. We can look at the x-rays and pictures together on the television screen. We believe this “high-tech” edge is the best that dentistry has to offer in helping you understand and see your condition.

We are eager to serve you and we want your dentistry to be affordable. We have a complete “financial menu” available to make comfortable arrangements for any size treatment or any size budget. Our business staff will make sure you understand what’s available before any treatment is done.

Experience the “Comfort Zone” at Brooks Dentistry in Louisville

Medford, Oregon Family Dentistry, Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry in Rogue Valley

We have worked hard to make our office a “Comfort Zone.” Our state of the art equipment, Louisville dentistry facility and techniques go a long way toward eliminating the discomfort that some people feel about having a dental procedure performed, but we understand their discomfort. It’s normal.

Please be assured that our top priority is your comfort. We’ll address any apprehensions you may be experiencing and take every measure possible to assure that your experience with us will be comfortable (and we hope pleasurable!)

Remember, first that you are in control at all times. During your procedure, let us know how you are feeling! If you want to stop the treatment at any time, simply let us know. If you would like to take a short break we’ll happily accommodate your request. (We’ll even leave the room if you like!)

We have carefully designed our office to create comfortable surroundings. Warm colors and lighting help make your time with us more pleasant. You can use our headsets or you can bring your favorite music and listen during treatment!

We carefully provide pre-procedure injections that are comfortable! Prior to numbing, a gel anesthetic is gently swabbed on with a Q-tip. For those who need extra help relaxing, pre-medication with anti-anxiety medications are available. We can also offer you nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help you relax. Just let us know! We understand the emotional reaction to dentistry and will work with you to see that your stay is comfortable and relaxing. Why should it be anything else?

Would you like to see the amazing improvement in your smile? Then how about a “before and after” picture. We have incorporated a professional photography studio as part of any smile “makeover” treatment. You will receive a complimentary professional studio quality “after” print. You’ll be able to see many before and after clinical photos of patients we’ve treated at our office. You can be the judge of what is possible to give you a world-class smile.

If you live in Louisville, KY and are looking for a safe, comfortable and relaxing dental experience, you’re in the right place. We don’t want to just be your dentist for  the next visit, we want to earn your trust your Louisville KY dental care provider for life.

We are conveniently located in St. Matthews at 3600 Lexington Road just three blocks down from the Rainbow Blossom. Call us today at (502) 585-3926 or send us an inquiry using the form on the upper right side.

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